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> Como tocar "When the Stillness comes" de Slayer by GuitarFiero.com

When the Stillness comes (Slayer - Repentless - 2015) en guitarra.

Una vez más nos adelantamos a la salida del disco y nos curramos esta V-Lesson de uno de los singles que nos han adelantado los chicos de Slayer. (no se pq hablo en plural)

Afinación half Step down, lo que significa que, partiendo de afinación estandar bajamos todas las cuerdas medio tono.

Lo de siempre, que os sirva y que os guste!!

Letras y tabs de "When the stillness comes" (Slayer).

Tabs "When the stillnes comes" en .pdf.

Blood looks like paste on the wall
Bodies lay lifeless like dolls
A moment that felt like days
Lives extinct with inner rage

Incessantly making up lies
In a moment of visceral hate
The last thing you see are my crazed... EYES!
The last thing you'll see are my eyes
There lies beneath your facade
Panic, you scream for your god 
No way out, ever abstained
Blood falls from the ceiling like rain
Patiently I reach my violence
Ingesting the sweet sound of your silence
In Darkness this feeling I love
To be covered in blood 
Blood from above
This violence finally sets me free
Brings demons back to torture me
There's no god pulling at my strings
I'm above all sorrow that fate can bring
Disengaged, I see your face
I turn and rush, I can't replace
Hands around your neck
Your senses numb
Staring into your eyes
When the stillness comes

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