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Something that I´m not (Megadeth)
By GuitarFiero

 Algo que tu eres, algo que yo no soy...

Monopoly edición Metallica
Monopoly edición Metallica.

Hay cierta polémica sobre el significado real de la letra.
Las malas lenguas dicen que es un mensaje de Dave Mustaine a Metallica cuando estos empezaron a convertirse en una maquina recaudatoria más comercial que otra cosa.

Los chicos de Metallica fueron criticados fuertemente por gran parte del espectro acusados de dar una imagen desmedidamente comercial y hacer música para la radio fórmula.

Parece ser que Dave Mustaine no se quedó atrás y compuso este tema, pero ya sabéis, todo esto según las malas lenguas.

Para afinación estandar, espero que os sirva y que os guste.

Letras y Tabs de Something that I´m not (Megadeth)

Tabs de Something that im not de Megadeth
Tabs Something that I´m not.

Your mind tells you that you've lost your confidence
You're drifting and ya don't believe in anyone
To lose what little you have left to be proud of
Afraid you can't do this again, ah!
You said that nothing come in-between us
And the way of getting things we wanted done
Then enissophobia held you under its influence
Until you compromised your style 
Solo >> Mustaine
Everything about you has been one big charade
What will you do now that the well's run dry? Cry?
To sell out all your friends and stab them in the back
It's something that you are; it's something that I'm not
When you forced me into doing what you love
Mark my words no one loves you very much, yeah mark em 
And when you tried to change me and tried to replace me
I couldn't help but end just hating you, hmm!
Being a fraud can only last so long, you should know
Till what ya sensed as a child returns, you little baby
To choke out the voice that told ya "money and the fame"
Would fill the crater that you dug for yourself 
Solo >> Mustaine
Unlike you I'm no vision to myself, lest you forget
You didn't ever make Metal, buddy; Metal made you
To crush and run over everyone along the way
Is something that you are; it's something that I'm not
A stranger to yourself, ha! ya pissed me off again
I won't be driven by your needs anymore 
What you'd become to do or be is clear to see for me
It's something that you are; it's something I'm not
It makes me sick to hear you say you "love me"
I know you only love what I can do for you
If you were the one that was leading the charge 
Would you notice if I missed a day or two? But that's impossible!
We all laughed at the parodies that you'd become
Now your pain slowly paid back has begun
So, accept my resignation, or in your words "betrayal"
Before it gets much worse, end this self-sabotage

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